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June-July ,2016
Date Day Class Activity Department
20/6/16 Monday Nur-III School Reopens Admin
16/7/2016 Saturday Nur-III Health Check up Admin
23/7/16 Saturday I-III Congo Competition Music
Date Day Class Activity Department
8/8/2016 – Monday- I-III English Week English
13/8/2016 Saturday Nur-KG-II    
15/8/16 Monday Nur-III Independence Day celebrations Admin
17/8/16 Wednesday Nur-III Rakhi Celebrations Admin
20/8/16 Saturday I-III Inter School Sports Meet Sports
24/8/16 Wednesday Nur-III Janmashtmi Celebrations Admin
Date Day Class Activity Department
09/05/2016 Monday Nur-III Teacher’s Day Celebration Admin
8/9/2016 to Thursda to Nur-III Hindi Week Hindi
14/9/2016 Wednesday      
15/9/2016 to Thursday Nur-III Evaluation-1( Oral+Written) Exam
08/08/2016 Saturday I-III PTM Exam
15/10/16 Saturday I-III Solo Song Music
    Nur-KG-II Group Song  
17/10/2016 Saturday I-III EVS Week EVS
to22/10/16 Nur-KG-II    
27/10/16   Nur-III Diwali Celebrations Admin
13/11/2016 Sunday   Annual Function Admin
19/11/2016 Saturday Nur-III Visit Admin


5/12/2016 to Monday to Nur-III Evaluation-2 (Written + Oral) Exam
13/12/2016 Tuesday      
16/12/16 – Friday to Nur-III Maths Week Maths
22/12/16 Thursday      
23/12/16 Friday   PTM Admin
24/12/16 to 1/1/17 Saturday Nur-III Winter Break Admin
01/02/2017 Monday Nur-III School Reopens Admin
18/1/2017 Saturday Nur-III Quiz Competition G.K
26/1/17 Thursday Nur-III Republic Day Celebration Admin.
04/02/2017 Saturday Nur-III Yellow Day Class Teachers
11/02/2017 Saturday I-III    
    Nur-KG-II Graduation ceremony (KG-II) Mother Ducks
2/3/2017  to Thursday to Nur-III Evaluation-3  (Oral) Admin.
03/08/2017 Wednesday      
9/3/2017 to Thursday to Nur-III Evaluation-3  (Written) Admin.
18/3/2017 Saturday      
30/3/17 Thursday Nur-III PTM Admin.
 3/4/17 Monday Nur-III School Reopens Admin.



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